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THE WIFE LIFESTYLE is not about being a cookie cutter doormat woman, this is you bringing your unique spirit, beauty, softness, and personality and learning to cultivate in a way that honors and grows yourself, your husband, and your family. We want to partner with you in creating a life of beauty, passion, and family excellence. Do you currently find yourself STRUGGLING in your marriage? Is your MARRIAGE boring and SEXLESS? Are you SINGLE, and wanting to ATTRACT the RIGHT man? Are you DIVORCED and want to be READY for love next time around? Are you HAPPILY married, but want to enhance your KNOWLEDGE to be your best? Are you STRUGGLING to make ends meet, and dream of a life with FINANCIAL ease?

Hi, I'm Candice, founder of Blissfully Feminine and I want to share a little bit about myself. I was once that person that felt I was not pretty enough, or good enough to have a fulfilling relationship with a good man. For almost seven years I was in a sexless, hurting, marriage and struggling for happiness. I’m not currently married, but I wasted a lot of time with players, and with men who didn’t honor me the way a woman should be honored, or respect me the way a woman should be respected. I also had problems connecting with other women. I felt afraid to be vulnerable, because I was scared that in the end, I would get stabbed in the back or let down in time of real need. I was lonely, frustrated, and unfulfilled. I was a mess with money, and to be quite honest, my lack of knowledge was partially to blame for some of the problems in my former marriage. What I found while on my healing journey and working with women like you, is that by tapping into the power of your femininity, you can unlock the door that opens to your FEMININE SIREN, that powerful, authentic, magnetic, sexy, vibrant, self-confident, attractive woman that you really are, but are struggling to recognize at this moment in time. Not only this, but you can create a powerful life of beauty, magic, and love that feels authentic and fulfilling.

The Wife Lifestyle was created with the help of our Board of Wives, 7 wonderful women, who are happily married and have seasoned marriages, a combined 125 years of marriage and family excellence, and our Wife Etiquette Coaches Fati Farasha, Kishana Russel, Amelia Wheeler, and of course myself. Collectively we created an educational program that will bridge the gap between traditional higher learning, and the interpersonal skills you will need to create a life of magic!

The Wife Lifestyle is based of of 8 Foundational Principles which we share in class. These 8 Pillars will TRANSFORM your life in ways you've never imagined, by giving you the keys to release your feminine power so that you can experience life in alignment with YOUR call to be a WIFE and MOTHER! The Wife Lifestyle isn't for everyone, it's ONLY for women who are SERIOUS about transforming their lives, and the lives of their future lineage! Taken over the course of 2 semesters, our classes start in January and end with graduation in October during our annual Power of Your Feminine Intention Beach Weekend in Florida. We only want to work with women who are serious about doing and learning what they need to learn to transform their lives, and want to have a life of magic.

If you are fine with settling with mediocrity, then this program is NOT for you, but if you are ready, start off the year with a POWERFUL step!


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Orlando, Florida instructor - Candice Adewole to enroll in her class please contact blissfulfemininity@gmail.com

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